Combell launches a new managed hosting brand: Unitt

Combell, market leader in hosting services, launches a new managed hosting brand. With Unitt (pronounce 'Unity'), they target customers who need managed hosting with the best uptime, security and service guarantees. As of 1 January 2014, Unitt will operate completely independently within the Intelligent group, to which Combell also belongs. Unitt has also been operating in the Netherlands under this name for a year now.

Increasing demand for managed hosting

With Unitt, Combell provides a solution to the unrelenting growth of the managed hosting market. Because of the boom of online services and web stores, the challenge of managing everything efficiently has also become increasingly complicated. As a consequence, uptime is becoming increasingly important to guarantee profits as well as the continuity of the services.

“In comparison to the standard hosting services required by ordinary websites, business-critical online services require a managed hosting approach to guarantee their uptime. The requirements and needs in terms of service management, proactive mindset, communication and Service Level Agreements are strongly increased. Lead and delivery times at Unit are therefore generally much longer.By grouping customers with specific technical and business needs under a separate brand, we will be able to better meet their expectations. We offer them high-end hosting solutions, with SLAs tailored to their desires and needs.„ Benjamin Jacobs, CEO Unitt

With Unitt, Combell is subdivided into two innovative companies that each have a clear objective and specialisation. Initially, about fifty customers with challenging needs in terms of hosting (such as Selligent, Pizza Hut and Q8), which are currently served by Combell Solutions, will be hosted by Unitt. By transferring a limited number of customers to Unitt, more emphasis will be placed on focus and personal contact. Nothing is going to change for Combell's existing customers. They will be able to continue to enjoy the well-known support and service provided by the current Combell team.

To realise these ambitions and objectives, huge investments have been made in the past few years. 

“Actually, we have been working on this demerger for some years now. Support and sales teams had already been split earlier and we invested huge amounts of money in a new network, whereby our backbone has now become one of the most advanced in Europe. The fact that we also invested in recruiting skilled people is also essential, because this is how we will be able to guarantee our customers that they will benefit from the highest service level. We e.g. offer 24/7 service guarantees, which allows our customers to fully concentrate on their core business. Not to mention all the security guarantees provided by the ISO 27001 certificate„ Benjamin Jacobs, CEO Unitt

The product range has also been developed with e.g. BGP Multi-data centre solutions and 'Zero Data Loss Service' (ZDLS), in collaboration with NetApp. This allows Unitt to meet the requirements involved in complex and challenging hosting environments.

“With Unitt, we are once again launching a strong brand with a clear focus on quality, flexibility and proactive mindset. Unitt perfectly fits with other renowned brands such as Combell, Easyhost and Register. No matter what the needs of the customers are, there is always a brand belonging to the Intelligent group that is capable of providing an adequate solution. Moreover, each brand has its own collaborators, infrastructure, service levels and processes, which means that each brand has its own identity„ Jonas Dhaenens, CEO Intelligent
About Intelligent

Intelligent is een internationale hostinggroep die hostingdiensten aanbiedt voor SME’s en Large Enterprises. De SME-tak van de groep heeft vertrouwde merken zoals Combell, Byte, UnoEuro, DanDomain en Flexmail. Voor Large Enterprises biedt het producten en diensten aan onder de naam Sentia.

Intelligent is de absolute marktleider in de Benelux en Denemarken voor hostingdiensten. Van domeinnamen, klassieke webhosting en e-maildiensten biedt het eveneens cloudservers en complexe hosting op maat en outsourcing aan, voor grote bedrijven.

De groep heeft meer dan 600 experts in dienst verspreid over België, Nederland en Denemarken. De geconsolideerde omzet voor 2016 bedroeg 96 miljoen euro. De groep verwacht de komende jaren verder sterk organisch te groeien als door overnames dankzij haar Buy & Build strategie. De groep gelooft rotsvast in diepe productkennis en staat voor kwaliteit en vertrouwen. De verwachte geconsolideerde omzet voor 2017 bedraagt 140 miljoen euro.

Intelligent is an international hosting group offering hosting services for SMEs and Large Enterprises. The SME branch of the group accommodates trusted brands such as Combell, Byte, UnoEuro, DanDomain and Flexmail. For Large Enterprises the group provides products and services under the names Sentia.

Intelligent is the absolute market leader in the Benelux and Denmark for hosting services. In addition to domain names, traditional web hosting and email services it also offers cloud servers and complex tailored hosting and outsourcing for large companies.

The group has more than 600 experts spread across three countries in Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark. The consolidated turnover for 2016 was 96 million euros. The group expects to continue its strong growth organically and through acquisitions, thanks to its Buy & Build strategy. The group believes in profound product knowledge and stands for quality and trust. The expected consolidated revenue for 2017 is 140 million euros.

Intelligent est un groupe international qui propose des services d’hébergement pour PME et grandes entreprises. La branche PME du groupe comprend des marques de confiance telles que Combell, Byte, UnoEuro, DanDomain et Flexmail. Pour les grandes entreprises, le groupe propose des produits et services sous les noms Sentia.

Dans le Benelux et au Danemark, Intelligent est le leader incontesté du marché des services d’hébergement. Outre des noms de domaines, des services d’hébergement classiques et des adresses mail, il propose aussi des serveurs cloud, des solutions d’hébergement complexes sur mesure et des services d’externalisation pour les grandes entreprises.

Le groupe emploie plus de 600 experts, répartis dans Belgique, Les Pays-Bas et Danemark. Pour 2016, il a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires consolidé de 96 millions d’euros. Pour les années à venir, le groupe s’attend à enregistrer une forte croissance organique, ainsi qu’à poursuivre son expansion grâce à des reprises guidées par sa stratégie Buy & Build. Le groupe croit fermement à une parfaite connaissance des produits et est synonyme de qualité et de confiance. Le chiffre d'affaires consolidé prévu pour 2017 s'élève à 140 millions d'euros.

Intelligent er en international hostingkoncern, som tilbyder hostingydelser for SMV’er og store virksomheder. Koncernens SMV-afdeling betjener solide brands som Combell, Byte, UnoEuro, DanDomain og Flexmail. Under navnene Sentia tilbyder koncernen produkter og ydelser til store virksomheder.

Intelligent er ubestridt leder på markedet inden for hostingydelser i Beneluxlandene og Danmark. Ud over domænenavne, traditionel webhosting og e-mailtjenester tilbyder Intelligent også store virksomheder cloudservere samt kompleks, skræddersyet hosting og outsourcing til store virksomheder.

Koncernen har over 600 eksperter i tre lande, fordelt i Belgien, Holland og Danmark. Koncernens omsætning for 2016 anslås til at beløbe sig til 96 millioner euro. Koncernen forventer at fortsætte sin stærke vækst via naturlig vækst samt opkøb, takket være koncernens Buy & Build-strategi. Koncernen tror på indgående produktviden og står for kvalitet og tillid. Den forventede konsoliderede omsætning for 2017 er 140 millioner euro.